Neural stem cell lineages in the fly brain

Our group seeks to decipher the secret of stem cell fate decisions in development and disease. The new mechanisms unveiled in our lab will provide fresh insights into stem cell biology and tumor therapies. 

Latest news

Sept. 2020: Yan becomes an Associate Editor of PLOS Genetics. Congratulations!

July 2020: Yan is invited to join the editorial board of Journal of Genetics and Genomics. Good job, Yan!


July 2020: Zelin is awarded the prestigious PKU Junior Scholar Award. Congratulations Zelin!

June 2020: Jingwen is awarded the PKU Presidential Predoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations!

Feb. 2020: Our latest Developmental Cell paper is now officially published as a featured article

                  Read the wonderful preview: Prospero Phase-Separating the Way to Neuronal Differentiation.

Feb. 2020: Yan has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Peking University. 

Jan. 2020: Junru joins the lab for his graduate thesis research. Welcome aboard!

Dec. 2019: Xiaodan and Jingwen's paper is now published online by Developmental Cell. Cool work!

Dec. 2019: Yan is featured by the Journal of Cell Biology - People and Ideas. Check it out - Yan Song: How time flies.

Nov. 2019: Xiaodan and Jingwen's paper is accepted by Developmental Cell. Congratulations!!

Sept. 2019: Yuying joins the lab for her graduate thesis research. Welcome aboard!

July 2019: Yuwei joins the lab for his undergraduate research. Welcome Yuwei!

May 2019: Ke and Bo successfully defended their graduate thesis! Congratulations Dr. Xu and Dr. Li! 

April 2019: Dan is awarded the Best Presentation Award at the 28th Beijing Area Fly Meeting. Congratulations Dan!


Dec. 2018: Yan is selected to the Journal of Cell Biology Early Career Advisory Board. Congratulations!

Nov. 2018: Yiyao and Xinhe join the lab for their undergraduate research. Welcome aboard!

Sept. 2018: Yaodong officially joins the crew for her graduate thesis research. Welcome Yaodong!

Sept. 2018: Bo and Chouin's paper is published at Elife.

                   Read the press release by ElifeBody’s own ‘bomb squad’ can help protect against brain tumors!

Aug. 2018: Bo and Chouin's paper is accepted by Elife. Congratulations Bo, Chouin, Panda & Rulan!

June 2018: Bo is awarded the PKU Presidential Predoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations!

June 2018: Yuan is awarded the prestigious ShenTong Graduate Scholarship and the Excellent College Graduate of                         Beijing Award. Great job and congrats Yuan! 

May 2018: Ke's paper is published at Elife. Congratulations Ke, Xiaodan, Yuchun & Chouin! 

March 2018: Ke is awarded the Best Presentation Award at the 24th Beijing Area Fly Meeting. Congratulations Ke!


Nov. 2017Kun successfully defends her graduate thesis and is awarded the CLS Outstanding Graduate Award.

                  Congratulations Dr. Liu!


Nov. 2017: Ruijia’s image “Brain Storm” wins the Top Prize in the Annual CLS Scientific Image Competition.

                   Well done Ruijia!


Oct. 2017Chenlei joins the lab for undergraduate research. Welcome aboard!

Sept. 2017: Shuyu officially joins the crew for her graduate thesis research. Welcome Shuyu!


July 2017: Shihong (Panda) is awarded the PKU Outstanding Graduate Award.

                  We are proud of your achievements and wish you the best in your future endeavors.


March 2017: Kun’s paper is published at Developmental Cell as a cover story! Congratulations Kun!


March 2017: Zelin and Siyang join the lab for their undergraduate research. Welcome!

Dec. 2016: Yan is awarded the ShenTong Teaching Award. Congratulations Yan! 

July 2015: Yan is awarded the PKU Excellent Teaching Award. Congrats!

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